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site du Docteur Jean Pierre LANTUEJOUL

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Né le  9/9/63, PARIS , France





Lycée Champollion, Grenoble , France

Bac, 1981






1981 : début des études medicales


1996 : internat


1987 : nationwide eliminatory examination for entry  into specialist training


1987-92 : internship in GRENOBLE, senior house officer in orthopaedic surgeery 

      and general surgery


1992 : diploma  of orthopaedic surgeon , and general surgeon

Thesis for  Doctor in Medecina about the early mobilizatio of the extensor tendon of the   



1992-96 : assistant in orthopaedic surgery, public  hospital


1996 : installation   in  a private hospital  in GRENOBLE





Orthopaedic surgeon , 1992

General Surgery, 1992

Diploma of Biomechanic

Diploma of  Anatomy

Diploma of embryogenesis

Master Biology  1994

Superior Diploma of  physic and informatic  french DEA   1995






Medical student   1992-96 = 80h

Nurses      1992-96 = 20h

Physiotherapist  1992-96 = 60h

Puericultrices 1992-96 = 40h

Sage femmes 1992-96 = 80h

Ostéopathes 2000-03 = 40h






«  High pressure injection in the fingers  « annales de chirurgie de la main, 1994


« early mobilizsation of the fingers after extesnsor surgery , annales de chirurgie de la main, 1994


« use of the tri calcic phosphate , a serie of 55 cases, Rev de Chir Orthop,1996,  82, 175


Ligamentoplatie of the knee by Kenneth Jones Technic :interrest of the bioresorbable screws : RMI evaluation, Rev Chir Orthop, 1996, 87 (Sup II), 82-83


Lantuejoul JP, Guinard D,: Early protected mobilization with a Levame splint after

primary repair of hand extensor tendons: report on a series of 88 cases. ...

Romanian journal of hand and reconstructive microsurgery



EJOT 23/03/2012  Seven-year results of a press-fit, hydroxyapatite-coated double

mobility acetabular component in patients aged 65 years or older




 Ruptures of the extensor  tendons of the fingers, journées de la main , 1990,  St Hilaire, France


 Rupture of the  ACL , Journées grenobloise du genou ,1992,  , Grenoble, France


  Use of Phosphate  tricalcique  in Orthopedic surgery  a about  55 cases, GRECO, Paris,  1995,     



  The use of TPC in orthopedic surgery,( English ) Marseille,1996,GESTO,   France


 A study of the  biomechanic  specifications of the double mobility  cup, Chamonix,2002,  France


 Biomecanic of the double mobility cup : special points, 1ère Journée expression , Marrakech , Maroc,2002



The double mobility  acetabular cup concept, Nedderlands, october, 2002


The ceramic on ceramic acetabular  concept : a 30 years experience , and a 4 years eternity cup experience, Johannesburg, August 2002


The use of the double mobility in repeated dislocations, 3rd South African congress, March 2003


Mini open of 5 cm  for  hip surgery : description of my technic, about 600 cases, Marbella , spain , 2003


Inegality of length  after THP : studie  of acetabular and femur special situation, Marbella , Spain , 2003


The double mobility concept in standart and reconstruction  situations, French Japonese  association, Grenoble Sep 2003


Mini open for Hip Surgery, french  national hip surgery, Les journées Lyonnaises de la hanche,  Lyon , dec 2003


Posterior MIS for hip , ENGLISH , Madrid, Spain, , september  2004


Mini open for Hip Surgery, ENGLISH , ROME , november 2004


Training activitie for Europezn surgeons in VIENNA, Autriche, mini open in hip and knee surgery , March and october 2004


Mini open for Hip Surgery, ENGLISH , Johannesburg , South Africa, december  2004


The AVANTAGE cup : rapid recovery, English, Oslo, Norway, april 2005


And Live Hip   surgery ( mini post approach in the same congress)

Oslo, Norway, april 2005


Less traumatic Hip Surgery,  , ENGLISH , Madrid, Spain, , september  2005


double mobility cups (history, indications, clinical results)  and 

MIS Avantage surgery, Krakowice, Poland November 2005


Technique de mini arthrotomie pour prothèse uni compartimentaire de genou 

1st Advanced Course on Knee Surgery , Val d'Isere, Janvier 2006


An other alternative : the double mobility 

Advances and controversies in Orthopaedic Surgery, Valencia ,Spain , June 2007


Biomechanical and linical experience of the double mobility cup

The 23rd annual congress of the Syrian orthopaedic society, Alepp, Nov 2007


De l'anatomie a la conception d'une prothèse  : une étude radiologique de 850 cas

What about Hip ? Lyon, Janvier 2009


Posterior mini open for Hip, 

IMUKA 2010; Maastricht, February 2010




Managing recurrent dislocationof the Hip

Contemporary Approaches in total hip arthroplasty

février 2011, Amsterdam        

Contemporary Approaches in Total Hip Arthroplasty

9-11 Février 2011, Amsterdam





Organization of the first OXFORD French Course, Annecy 24-25/1/2004


Organization of the first European Congress for mini open in Orthopaedic Surgery, Grenoble  11-12 june 2004





300  arthroscopies de genou

300 prothèses de hanches

180 prothèses de genou

75   prothèses uni compartimentaires de genou

chirurgie du LCA



European Consultant For BIOMET  in mini open Surgery


Medecin du club de rugby de Grenoble FCG depuis 4 ans






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